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A child is the beautiful gift to their parents. It’s a wish of every parent to see their child at the top of their health. They want their child to explore the world. It becomes a matter of concern when an injury or illness stop their kid from exploring and chasing their dreams.

We at Child Ortho Care believe to give a smile to every child. Our dedicated team continuously thrives to help children to come out of the pain and move to the playground of joy. We provide a consultation and state-of-the-art treatment for the children suffering from orthopedic and musculoskeletal conditions. We specialize in every ailment associated with orthopaedics, including fractures, injuries, spine disorders, neuromuscular weakness, tumors, and hip, hand and joint abnormalities. We provide the most comprehensive pediatric orthopedic care in New Delhi. Through our utmost dedication through the years we have an expertise in child care.

We blend cutting-edge treatments and innovative surgical approaches when needed with prompt, family-centered care. Our advanced, child-centered imaging capabilities help us provide the most accurate diagnosis. Our treatments and innovations have evolved over the years, but our philosophy has never changed: to relentlessly provide the best pediatric orthopedic care and patient service. We have improved the quality of life for our patients. We’re here for your family and are committed to support you every step of the way.

What is Pediatrics Orthopedics?

It is a super specialty branch in orthopaedics to evaluate & treat the musculoskeletal (bone, joints & muscles) problems in a child who is still growing. It includes newborns to teenagers.

Problems treated in Pediatric Orthopedics

A child is not a young adult. Musculoskeletal problems in children are different from those in adults. Since children are growing, their response to infections, trauma, and deformities are different from adults & need to be managed by specialized pediatric orthopedic surgeon. Common problems in children includes: -

1. Trauma & Fractures

2. Congenital deformities present since birth like Clubfoot, DDH, Vertical talus etc..

3. Developmental deformities like SCFE, Perthese, Bow leg, Knock knee

4. Spine deformities like Scoliosis, Kyphosis, Pott’s spine etc

5. Bone & Joints infections (Septic arthritis, Osteomyelitis)

6. Nutritional deficiency like Rickets, Growth pain etc…

7. Gait problems like In toeing/ out toeing gait

8. Limb length discrepancy

9. Short stature & Bone dysplasia

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