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Polyadctyly (Extra Finger)

What is Polyadctyly?

It’s a medical condition in which there is one or more extra digits are presents. It is one of the most common hereditary limb anomaly.  It may present in hand or foot or both.

What is the reason behind Polyadctyly & Is it a genetic problem?

It is one of the most common hereditary limb anomaly. It travels as Autosomal Dominant in family. It may be associated with some syndrome.

How does it affect child’s life?

Polydactyly (Extra digit) sometime create functional / cosmetic problem like difficulty in wearing shoes if extra digits are present in foot. 

Polyadctyly Treatment

Timely surgical intervention can correct it and can improve functional and cosmetic outcomes.

Is Polyadctyly Surgery Successful?

Yes, surgery gives excellent results. Child leads to very good functional and cosmetic outcomes after surgery.


Dr Nargesh Agrawal is a renowned Paediatric orthopaedic Surgeon specialized in child orthopaedic deformity treatment. He has eight years of experience in Paediatric orthopaedics. He has many published  research papers on child orthopaedics to his credit.

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