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Corona pandemic has a major impact on social, psychological, economical aspects across the globe. It is becoming a leading cause of major depression among families. At places Children are doing online classes through but still majority of children from poor families and in remote area of India are deprived from this facility of online education.

In this current pandemic outdoor activities for children are surely discouraged. This is a high time for parents to understand the child psychology and the value of child parent relationship and involve themselves in educating their children. Parents should create a healthy and playful  atmosphere to educate their children. Playing with toys, coloring, painting, involving children with indoor activities to interact with them.

  1. Talk to children in best possible way, to make them comfortable to understand current situation
  2. Play with them in whatever possible way (toys/coloring/painting)
  3. Educate them about social distancing, preventive measure to spread corona virus
  4. Promote them to exercise, YOGA and meditation
  5. Avoid using mobile / internet / online play game

This will increase child parent bonding and will improve their relationship.

Dr Nargesh Agrawal is a renowned Paediatric orthopaedic Surgeon specialized in clubfoot treatment. He has eight years of experience in Paediatric orthopaedics. He has treated more than 600 cases of clubfoot till now and has many published research papers on clubfoot to his credit.

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