growth pain
Does your child wake up  in night while sleeping? if yes then it could be growing pain. Children during their growth spurts experience pain in body , mainly in lower limbs. Preschool age(3-5 years ) and preteen age (8-12 years ) is more commonly involved. Pain is vague and not localised to one limb and is generally more severe in night time. Mostly pain is in front of leg, calf muscle and thigh area. Sometimes

Trigger Thumb

Posted by Child on December 8, 2017
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Trigger thumb/ fingers is a condition in which thumb or finger of a child pops, clicks or catches when they try to straighten it. Thumb may lock in a bent position. If the thumb locks, child can pull it straight using their other hand. But child can’t straighten his own thumb/finger using his muscles of same finger. The tendon which is responsible for the movements of the fingers runs through palm within synovial sheath (A1 pulley). Causes Common age group of
Scoliosis is a three dimensional deformity of spine in which spine get deform and bend on either side of body. Early diagnosis of scoliosis can give better chances of correction as spine becomes more rigid with increasing age. Treatment can be started in very early age group so that angle of scoliosis can either reverse or stable with increasing age. Sometimes it remains unnoticeable till adolescent age group when curve start appearing. That’s why routine

SCFE (Slipped Capital femoral Epiphysis)

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A disorder of hip joint during adolescent age group during growth spurt. A painless stable mobile hip joint is necessary for all physical activities like walking, running, jumping. But slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE) is a hip condition that causes painful restrictions of movements with limp or even unable bear the weight. Timely diagnosis and appropriate intervention prevent possible complications and deformities. In slipped capital femoral epiphysis (SCFE) femur (thigh bone) head slips over neck

Radial Club Hand

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It is a rare congenital disease in which child born with underdeveloped or missing radius bond in arms since birth. Because of this wrist joint become unstable and twisted inwards. The severity of radial club hand depends on how much radius bone is missing ranges from complete absent to mild shortening. Sometimes absent radius associated with absent thumb on same side. This condition can affect a single or both hands of a child. Based on